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Cubefield Full Screen

Cubefield Full Screen game gives maximum pleasure and trains brains mysteries like reaction time, concentration and visual perception. You can use these brain skills during physical exercises and activities such driving a car or playing sports. Brain exercises are important since they not only stave off brain aging, but also reverse memory mislaying and improve mental thinking. There are only two controls – Use the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard to guide and dodge your ship through the paddock of cubed shaped barriers. But you rather focus intently because your ship is moving at a very high speed. Don’t ship into any barriers or you are done. This is a simple but extreme game. The first time you try it, you will most likely not last more than a few seconds.But stick with the game since after a few minutes of rehearse you will be whizzing through the cube meadow like an autopilot.The main objective of this game is to safe collecting as many points as it is possible and reaching the level end whole. In the game beginning, you are a triangle in the whole world of cubes. Your main attention and aim is to survive the obstacles no matter what the game will cost you. The game experience is created in 3D. For you to make it in this game you have to met many sinuous maze of moving and scrolling cube blocks. Gradually, field of the blocks become foggy and the blocks moves faster that making your heartbeat increase. The goal is for you to try all your best and hold on as long as you can to score the maximum points. As you continue advance through Cubefield Full Screen game, your screen background changes from white to greenish. Avoid this from distracting you.

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